Floral Subscription Service 


How it works 

My New floral subscription service has two options available for you to enjoy at home or at your workplace, choose from the following options that you think would suit yourself or the lucky recipient to enjoy.

Option 1)  -  A Monthly Floral Subscription - A vase ready seasonal bouquet of flowers in a portable vase delivered directly to your door.  You simply remove the packaging, freshly cut the stems to your desired length and place into your favourite vase of clean fresh water and enjoy - a water change and clean stem cut is advised every 2-3 days to prolong the life of your beautiful flowers. (This Option 1 is Available for recipients in Dublin only)

Option 2) - Simply Blooms -  Fresh mix of seasonal flowers from the flower bar, including fillers and foliage for you to arrange at home to the design that you desire. These flowers are unarranged and packed with a eco floral packaging material they are in a hibernation state so they will arrive and need conditioning and hydrating by removing any leaves and foliage that will be under the waterline, cutting the stems at 45 degree angle, and placing into a clean vase of fresh cool water, you flowers will drink lots and will require water changes and a stem cut every 2- 3 days to prolong their life.

(This Option 2 is available for recipients anywhere on the Island of Ireland) 

Choose the duration of your subscription, then you will receive your fresh blooms the same time each month, Subscription fees are €150 for 3 months or €300 for 6 month and includes delivery charges.

Please note that our Hand tied Monthly subscription is conditioned, hydrated and vase ready so only aftercare of water changes and stem cutting is needed.  However the Simply blooms collection are freshly sourced and dry packed to ensure longevity at home, we carefully package and wrap our flowers in eco compostable and recyclable packaging, (dry packed) means they are hydrated with a water source, but need to be placed into water as soon as they are received.

We also sell a range of beautiful glass vases to compliment your beautiful blooms, all can be added to your order from the online store or call The Lane directly to place your orders over the telephone 

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